Apple & Bee


Apple & Bee, an Australian-owned company, was started by Brett Pattinson, founder of the successful natural skinare company Bod, and designer Claire Morris, the former Art Director of MarieClaire Australia. Both share a passion for the best in contemporary environmental design, and are equally committed to developing products that have the lowest possible impact on the environment, including being carbon neutral (through the recognized organization Climate Friendly). Their aim is to use the finest materials, such as organic cotton, jute, hemp and calico, to help build products that last. The coating on all Apple & Bee products is a solvent-free TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) that is biodegradable. 

By creating bags that last, it is hoped that people will reduce their total plastic wastage, and use all-natural products that will help reduce pollution and keep the planet clean. The Bee Foundation, an organization started by Apple & Bee, helps to raise awareness and money about the health and importance of bees.