Sappho Cosmetics


Sappho Organic Cosmetics was founded by JoAnn Fowler, a makeup artist in the television and movie industry. An Emmy-nominated artist, JoAnn saw a need for a makeup line with full ingredient disclosure and adherence to strict safety measures. With diligent searching for formulations and ingredients that surpass the European Union standards for safer cosmetics, Sappho Organic Cosmetics was made. The name Sappho comes from one of the great Greek lyricists, one of the few female poets of her time (circa 630 BC), whose poetry and music was written for women, about women. She was also named one of the first poets to write from a first person point of view, describing love and loss in her own life and its deep effect on her. The goal of Sappho Cosmetics is to use only the purest, cleanest and most healthy ingredients available in the world today. They are committed to full and total transparency, sharing with full disclosure of all the ingredients used in their products, as well as any risks or benefits associated with use of their products. Enjoy your Sappho Organics experience.