Thank you for stopping by, and making White Apothecary your shop for your all-natural cosmetic and beauty products. By using the cosmetics offered by White Apothecary, you can be confident that you are making a conscious and mindful decision on the beauty products you use on your body.  You can look fabulous and feel healthy with all of the choices we offer you at White Apothecary.

Who We Are

White Apothecary was founded by Naturopathic Doctor, Sarah D'Alessio, N.D, who felt as a Naturopath, it was extremely difficult to live a more natural and holistic lifestyle with the cosmetic and beauty product choices available in most stores.  She believed she needed to start something different. She began her mission to find all-natural, plant and mineral-based cosmetics to bring to a more broad customer base. With so many fantastic and environmentally-conscious beauty companies offering luxurious and quality-made products, Dr. D'Alessio, N.D wanted to give her patients and customers the selection as well as the ease and convenience of shopping for their beauty products anytime, 24 hours a day. She believes an important component to proper health and well-being is being proactive and making informed decisions on what we put on and inside our bodies. Knowing that the majority of commonly marketed household beauty brands contain a plethora of toxic and synthetic ingredients, Dr. D'Alessio, N.D wanted to offer her customers a pleasurable and easy way to be informed on the varieties and selection of cosmetics that can and should replace the chemical and synthetic-laden products used on a regular basis.

White Apothecary is pleased to offer you a complete list of the harmful ingredients that should be avoided from regular use in both cosmetics, as well as other beauty and hygiene products. That list can be found here. With every order placed on www.whiteapothecary.com, a free Portable Toxic Ingredient List will be included that can be used to help you avoid purchasing toxic and synthetic chemical-laden products when shopping for your cosmetic and beauty needs.


The company is located in lovely Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. To get in touch with us, you may e-mailwrite to us, or use our contact form on our Contact Us page.