Why Go Natural?

As a Naturopathic Doctor, White Apothecary founder and owner, Dr. Sarah D'Alessio, N.D believes in keeping both her patients and customers informed and empowered in making the right choices when it comes to shopping for, and wearing cosmetics. Choosing the most appropriate cosmetics means using products that have the least amount of synthetic and toxic ingredients. Cosmetics should contain mostly pure plant, mineral, and organic ingredients, as cosmetic users are applying them on a regular basis, and all products applied to the skin eventually reach our circulation and are absorbed into our bodies. 

It is quite disturbing to know that many common and high-end brands of cosmetics and beauty products, which are used in daily beauty routines, commonly contain ingredients such as industrial chemicals, carcinogens, pesticides, and even reproductive and hormone disruptors. Along with these toxic ingredients, there are usually other dangerous additives used to make products 'feel better', 'smell better', and 'look better'. These additives commonly include ingredients such as plasticizers (softeners for very hard materials like concrete), degreasers (to aid in removing grease from auto and machinery parts), and surfactants (they reduce surface tension). It is imperative that as a cosmetic consumer, you are properly informed on the products you are applying to your skin, so that you can make the right decisions to keep your mind and body healthy and happy. Becoming aware and avoiding brands and products that contain dangerous and unhealthy additives is the first step to becoming a healthier and more vibrant you.

Remember to always try and stay INFORMED on what you are using on your skin.

Our Skin

The skin that covers us all is made up of hundreds of billions of cells that help to protect and provide barrier protection from our external environment. Using cosmetics that are made from natural plant and mineral based ingredients, that are organic and/or vegan help give back to our skin and also help to keep it in its utmost health. There are numerous reasons why you should take care of your skin, and some of these include:

  • Your Skin Protects You - Our skin acts as a protective barrier to our external environment, helping to create a barrier against unwanted microbes, as well as unwanted toxic substances. Unfortunately, many synthetic cosmetic ingredients have been engineered to penetrate deep through our skin layers, and end up harming various systems within our body, most importantly our hormonal system. 
  • Your Skin Helps To Eliminate Toxins - Your skin, along with other organs such as the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, and colon, help get rid of any toxins and unwanted material the body would like to eliminate and get rid of. If your skin is consistently overburdened with compounds that are toxic, strain is put on your other filtering systems and will eventually disrupt other systems like your endocrine (hormonal), digestive, and neurological systems. 
  • Your Skin Shows Your Age - As our bodies age, so does your skin. Even though you cannot stop the aging process of your skin, you can help provide it with all that it needs to stay healthy and look its youngest. Using natural, plant and mineral based cosmetics on your skin, helps to not only eliminate the need for products with toxic and synthetic ingredients, but also allows your skin to function properly, and not hinder its necessary functions. Being fully conscious of what you apply to your skin on a daily basis will help you make healthy and informed cosmetic and beauty product choices, which all helps in keeping your skin looking youthful and more vital.

No animal testing 

At White Apothecary, we only carry products that are cruelty-free, as we strongly advocate against the use of animals for any cosmetic or beauty product testing.                   

Vegan and Gluten-Free

White Apothecary is so pleased to offer our health-conscious customers a vast selection of products that contain absolutely no animal ingredients, making them appropriate for vegans and vegetarians. As well, almost all our products are gluten-free, making them safe for people with gluten-intolerance. All of our product listings state whether they are organic, vegan or gluten-free, making it easy to spot products that are appropriate for you.

Why Organic?

Using organic products, means using ones that only contain natural plant materials, which are grown without any chemical interference such as fertilization or using pest control. Any active ingredients that are isolated from organic sources are done so using natural and environmentally-friendly procedures. Not all the products available on White Apothecary are certified organic, but it is always a good idea to know what the certification logos represent when purchasing other beauty and/or hygiene products. 

There are various organizations that are responsible for overseeing the strict rules and regulations of granting the term 'organic' to a particular product, so make sure to look for any of these or other certification body stamps:

  •   United States Department of Agriculture 
  •   Canadian Organic Standards
  •   European Union 
  •    Australian Organic
  •  EcoCert
  •  Pro Cert Organic