RGB Nail Remover Pads

For decades, the nail industry has relied on acetone and acetate-based formulas to strip colour off our nails. RGB introduces a healthy alternative with one goal in mind: to gently and safely remove nail colour, and not harshly strip it from nailsBoth acetone or acetate-based removers are known to contain the most toxic chemicals found in cosmetics today. Instead, RGB introduces a nail colour remover that is soy-based. RGB’s nail colour remover is available in individual pre-moistened and perforated pads, which are 100% cotton and remove nail colour from all ten nails with just one pad. Unlike other nail colour removers, RGB does not mask odors associated with chemicals. What you smell - and see - is what you get; no artificial fragrances or dyes are added.

  • Organic: Yes     Vegan: Yes     Gluten-Free: Yes

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