Scotch Naturals Fortifying Base Coat

This fortifying base coat nourishes nails while providing the perfect foundation for your Scotch Naturals WaterColour polish. The base coat significantly extends the life of your WaterColor, assisting in adhesion and durability. 

  • Organic: No     Vegan: Yes     Gluten-Free: Yes

Ingredients: water, acrylic copolymer, ester alcohol

Size: 10.5 mL

Instructions For Use: To achieve a beautiful, healthy and polished look, it is essential to prepare your nails properly by:

  1. Remove any existing nail polish and shape nail with a file
  2. If desired, add a drop of a nourishing oil to each nail and buff gently 
  3. Wash hands with soap and water to rinse remover residue and buffing dust
  4. Apply one coat of the Scotch Naturals Fortifying Base Coat
  5. Follow with two coats of Scotch Naturals Watercolours polish allowing 1-3 minutes in between coats
  6. Finish with Scotch Naturals Deluxe Top Coat for a high gloss shine
  • Please remember, Scotch Naturals WaterColor polish is a water-based nail product. While it dries to the touch in minutes, a few hours are needed to fully cure and harden prior to prolonged exposure to water. It is encouraged to paint your nails before bed, allowing polish to dry and adhere overnight.


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